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20 Tema Windows 7 yang Keren Kesempatan yang Sahgat berharga ini, saya akan share beberapa Tema untuk Windows 7 anda. Dahulu saya sudah pernah share beberapa tema untuk windows XP nah, sekarang untuk Windows 7.  O.K, Langsung saja ini dia beberapa Tema untuk Windows 7, Sekaligus Link Downloadnya...










1. Soft7

Soft7 Windows7 ThemeAs the name says, the theme is has soft blue looks. The start button is a beautiful match to show the softness.

Download Soft7 Windows 7 Theme

2. Elegant Glass

Elegant Glass Theme For Windows 7Elegant Glass has a transparency effect and truly it’s looks elegant.

Download Elegant Glass

3. Leopard Dark Basic & Glass

imageThis Apple Leopard Theme is for al those Mac lovers. The theme comes in two varieties- Dark theme and Transparency Glass theme version.

Download Mac OSX Leopard Theme For Windows 7

4.  Clear Glass 7

image1Clear Glass is one more beautiful transparency based theme for Windows 7.

Download Clear Glass 7 Windows 7 Theme

5. SBD

SBDTHEMEFORWINDOWS7SBD is a simple theme and comes in many colors. The theme comes in two versions including normal and Glass effect based.

Download SBD Theme Pack For Windows 7

6. Darth Vader

Darth Vader theme for Windows 7A dark theme based on a fictional character Darth Vader in the Star Wars Saga.  The theme is stylish and has glass effects.

Download Dark Theme For Windows 7

7. Lohanna VS

Lohanna VS Windows 7 ThemeA fantastic theme with sleek elegant looks.

Download Lohanna Windows 7 Visual Style

8. Colors 2.0

Colors 2 0 For Windows 7 Basic by MediaMyselfColors 2 0 For Windows 7 Basic by MediaMyself1

Colors comes in 8 different colors as of now and based on Aero scheme.

Download Colors Theme For Windows 7

9. Gel XP Blue

XP THEME FOR WINDOWS 7Get your Windows 7 look simple like Windows XP Blue with this theme!

Download XP Blue Theme For Windows 7

10. Islander Tango

Islander Tango 7 Windows 7 Theme DownloadThis Windows 7 theme has vibrant orange effects for windows. The start button of Windows 7 is replaced with start button from Windows Vista. The Taskbar resembles Vista Ultimate taskbar.

Download Orange Windows 7 Theme


11. Vista VS


Vista Theme For Windows 7Vista VS brings Windows Vista look and feel to your Windows 7 PC. A must download theme for all Vista lovers who upgraded to Window 7.

Download Vista VS For Windows 7

13. Sonye Theme

Sonye Theme for Win7Sonye has awesome looks and the first thing you will notice is the elegantly placed “Start” button.

Download Sonye Theme For Windows 7

14. elan

elan by webtranceA good looking theme with varieties of “Start” button. Look for more details on how to replace them in the downloaded zip file.

Download elan Windows 7 Theme

15. Seven Breeze Port

Seven Breeze Port To Windows7This is a blue based theme with sleek taskbar. Seven Breeze pack contains Visual Styles/Themes,  Explorer.exe for 32Bit Users, ORB Image for 64Bit Users, shell32.dll for TopShell, and Wallpaper.

Download Blue Windows 7 Theme

16. Embed Final Windows 7

Embed Final Windows 7Another great looking theme with vista like start menu.

17. PDC Longhorn

PDC Longhorn

Longhorn is a another stylish theme with sleek start menu. Check the artist page for more feature downloads.

18. 2beFine Classic

2beFine Classic by 2befineThis is a simple yet different looking theme which will leave the guest users of your PC wandering!

Download 2beFine Classic Windows 7 Theme

19. Glow Air

Glow AirThis nice theme comes with new Office 14-like Window Frames,  New Jumplist, New Shellstyle and Cool Start buttons.

Download Glow Air Windows 7 Theme

20. Q’s Counter Elements 7

Counter Elements 7This theme pack is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7. A dark theme with transparent effects.

Download Q’s Counter Elements Windows 7 Theme



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